Odds Calculation and Probabilities

If you want to succeed in the game of Texas Holdem then you'll need more than just the ability to bluff -ou'll also need to understand how poker odds and probabilities work. When you understand odd calculation and probability you will be able to determine your odds of winning in any Texas Holdem situation and, based on these odds, you will be able to make the best betting decision.

To determine your pot odds you need to figure out the ratio of the total pot that you are contributing in each hand. Let's say that the pot is $50 and you are contributing $10. This means that you have 5:1 odds. In other words, you would have to win the pot one time for every five times you lost in order to break even. Those are pot odds!

Now that you understand pot odds you need to understand poker odds. Poker odds are determined by figuring out the ratio of cards that are left in a deck that would lead to you winning the game. This may sound difficult, but there are a number of online poker odds calculators that you can use to figure out your odds in each game if you are playing online. If you are playing live poker then you can study a poker odds chart to determine the best play for specific starting hands.

If you are new to odds calculation and probabilities in poker then learning a few basic starting hands with the best odds can help you to improve your game tenfold. The top 10 starting hands are as follows: Ace-Ace, King-King, Queen-Queen, Jack-Jack, Ace-King suited, Ace-Queen suited, Ace-Jack suited, King-Queen suited, King-Jack suited and Ace-King unsuited. Memorize these hands and remember that they give you excellent odds, so when you are dealt these cards you should always raise. The lower the value and more spread out your starting hand cards are, the worse your odds.