Rules and Rewards Distribution in No Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments

No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments are one of the most exciting ways to participate in this popular poker game. When you participate in a Holdem Tournament you can compete against your friends or other Texas Holdem enthusiasts, online or offline.

Tournament Holdem is played by the same rules as Texas Holdem table games. Players are each dealt 2 private cards and 5 community cards are dealt. The player that has the best 5-card hand made up of a combination of private and community cards at the end of each round wins that round.

The main difference between regular table play and tournament play is that players pay an entry fee and for this fee they receive a certain number of tournament chips. When you arrive at the tournament you will have an assigned seat and your chips will be waiting for you at the table. Tournament chips are just for show and cannot be cashed out at any time during the game. These are the allotted chips for the game and players play Holdem until all but one player is out. This player takes home the ante, which is compiled from all of the entry fees. Some tournaments have a predetermined number of tables and winners and the prize is split between them.

In a No Limit Holdem tournament there is no limit on the betting. This means that at any point during the game you can go "all in", betting all of your chips. When a player goes all in the other players have to match their bet or fold. If you go all in and lose you are out of the tournament, but if you win you can greatly increase your wins.

In No Limit tournaments you can experience the excitement of no limit games without having to go all in with your real money. Tournaments have all sorts of entry fee prices, so it's affordable for everyone. All you have to pay is the entry fee and get ready for the thrill of your life!