Raising Provides Clues

When playing Texas Holdem one of the biggest parts of your strategy should be paying attention to the strategies and patterns of other players in the game. Paying attention to your opponents' betting patters is a great way to make an educated guess about each player's hand in a game of Texas Holdem.

When playing against an opponent, ask yourself a few questions what sort of hands does the player fold? What sort of hands does the player call? What sort of hands does the player raise on? You will, without a doubt, find that nearly all poker players have very predictable patterns. One of the biggest patterns pertains to raising.

Raising can provide a lot of clues about a player's hand. Usually, unless they are bluffing, players only raise when they have a good hand. Therefore, if you have a so-so or weak hand and another player raises then you should probably fold. However, some players are prone to bluffing by raising on low hands. You can keep track of these players betting patterns so that you know that when these specific players raise they are likely bluffing. In this instance, you may want to stay in the game if you have a pretty decent hand.

As you can see, a player's decisions in a game of Texas Holdem, such as the decision of when to raise, can provide you with clues about that particular player's cards. Study your opponents' strategies and betting patterns and you can put up a much stronger fight.